Petra Švecová: If you sleep, that`s what you are dreaming about too

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Petra Švecová called If you sleep, that`s what you are dreaming about too

Opening  ► Tuesday 16, April 2019 at 7pm ► ♫ DJ set by Watt DF
Exhibition ► 17, April – 7, May 2019


Images that alternate one after another in rapid sequence, some lost in the speed at which we view them. Others, on the other hand, are solid and stable, but stuck in a space between, failed to load. Foggy landscapes and colourful shapes, maps we can’t read. They remain outside our memory and sometimes beyond our ability to perceive. Situations lose importance, layers overlap into a new image. Only the fascination remains.

Day by day, we live in the world in which we share stranger`s lives through images on social networks, often in details that we cannot understand. It seems we can see everything in detail, but at the same time we can`t see anything. Nevertheless, we desire more and more images – to be hardly able to describe those, which we have seen just a little while ago.

However, the digital image is not a direct source for painting, but rather a starting point for reflection on the image, its uniqueness and duplicability. The paintings consist of layers, some of which are uncovered on the rebound, elsewhere the image is made up of individual threads, creating a perspective of both depth and motion. There is contrast between digital technology and handicraft – while time on social network is getting faster, there it gets slower and slower.

Petra Švecová is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (M. Knížák, V. Kokolia, V. Skrepl), she passed out an internship in Hochschule für Bildende Kunste in 2016. Except of painting, she creates site-specific installations and works with photography.

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