I am the space where I am / Artists of the PRÁM Studio

We coridally inivite you to the exhibition I am the space where I am (Jsem prosotorem, v němž jsem) by artists of the PRÁM Studio held in Galerie Klatovy / Klenová. The exhibition opening will take place on Firady 8th April at 6pm, Miki DiskJockey will perform. Curator of the exhibition is Richard Drury.

Exhibiting artists: Dominik Běhal, Veronika Durová, Martin Herold, Josefína Jonášová, Roman Kvita, Pavlína Kvita, Magdaléna Roztočilová, Jakub Roztočil, Néphéli Barbas, Jakub Tytykalo, Adam Trbušek, Adam Železný & Andrea Sobotková as a guest artist.

04/09 – 09/26/2022 White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy

04/09 – 09/19/2022 Church of St Lawrence, Klatovy


The exhibition I Am the Space Where I Am presents the works of young artists who work in close proximity (and affinity) in the workspaces of Studio PRÁM in the Vysočany district of Prague. The spectrum of their work is naturally diverse, ranging from sculptural realism, current forms of painting and work on the boundary between design and fine-art expression to conceptual installation. Despite their distinct individual practices, among these artists we can sense a clear mutual relation in how they don’t reject traditional artistic techniques or forms of cultural heritage, but instead build on them in innovative ways in a spirit of ‘experimental continuity’.

The artists represented here focus on the subtle structures of memory, the language of myth and the subconscious, ways of understanding human corporeality, paths to spiritual transcendence, processes of creation and destruction as well as on questions of hybrid nature and the defragmentation of reality. They respect the age-old (yet, in recent years, highly problematised) notion of beauty, while at the same time their work critically reflects on the ‘distracted’ globalised society in which we live. The thematic starting point of the exhibition is a question jointly explored by the participating artists at the level of personal perception, artistic practice and community life in the PRÁM Studio: What does space mean to me? How do I reflect on it and express my relationship towards it? It is a question that gallery visitors are also invited to explore for themselves. The title of the exhibition is taken from a verse by the poet Noël Arnaud quoted in Gaston Bachelard’s book The Poetics of Space.

The exhibition is taking place in two parallel parts: at the White Unicorn Gallery and as an environmental site-specific installation by Adam Trbusek and Andrea Sobotková in the Church of St Lawrence. It shows the different (yet in many regards interlinked) dimensions of the work of this group of contemporary artists.

Graphic design: Lucie Zelená