03. 07. 2018
16. 07. 2018

Jakub Tytykalo: JAK SE Z LESA OZÝVÁ

We cordially invite you to Jakub Tytykalo`s exhibition „Jak se z lesa ozývá“ at PRÁM Studio. The opening is on Tuesday 3rd July 2018 from 7pm. Exhibition lasts till 16th July 2018.


Jakub Tytykalo is interested in the authentic expressions of subconscious and associative imagination for most of his artistic career. He gets inspiration through the depth of the subconscious, fragments of memories, which he lets to go up on the surface and use them to make a resulting picture. He uses painting and drawing media and works with acrylic colour and spray.

It is easy to get lost inside of his painting, because of the tangle of shapes, which creates organic and geometric shapes and figures. His painting can get a viewer to the world with a touch of surrealism, where everything looks like it is really put together, but on the other hand it is leaving apart.

The way you ask, is the way you get an answer. The echo in Tytykalo`s paintings is the reflection of his inner world, which is irrevocably linked to the outside world.




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