Nikola Nikolai + Pavel Dušek: (UN)SHARED


We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Nikola Nikolai and Pavel Dušek: (un)shared. The opening is on Tuesday 22nd January from 7pm and the exhibition lasts till 8th February. DREN will perform on the opening night with his no wave project. A bit of a performance, a bit of a poetry, experimental lab and a rock show also. Hard electronic beats, pos-punk guitar riffs will take turns with fragile pop moody sounds or instrumental avantgard flats and sadistic porn.

If we admit the existence of shared ideas, then there must be those that are not shared. This unshared is then a connecting element for both authors Nikola Nikolai and Pavel Dušek. What is formally shared also refers to unshared ideas, notions, fears or hopes.

Nikola Nikolai / I would like to ask something, but I do not understand the question anymore. Water. The contradiction between the inner and the outer world, disruption / quest for personal peace. Earth. Sleep. Air. Melancholy. Dreams and reality when everything was a dream. Fire. Can I go back there? I do not want to speak about it much. These are the themes of my work. / text: Nikola Nikolai

Pavel Dušek / Ideas and deformation of immediate environment is the main theme of Pavel`s artworks. His unshared fears and emotions are reflected there. At the same time there are also a small signs of pop culture, which he tries to balance in various ways. To see, to hear, to find out and to challenge it all again, to repeat it all infinitely, such words can describe author`s thinking. Formally, strictly controlled painting with expressive elements, complemented by the influence of the aesthetics of the virtual gaming world. In this way, Pavel creates new world whose explorer is just the viewer. His task is nothing more trivial then just enjoying the view he is given. It is still just an image. / text: Lucas Glorious