02. 08. 2018
17. 08. 2018

Ondřej Trnka a Klára Spišková: TRNKA AND KLÁRA + ONE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Ondřej Trnka and Klára Spišková:

Trnka and Klára + one little Teddy Bear

opening: 2. 8. 2018 | exhibition: 3. – 17. 8. 2018


The exhibition of two classmates from UMPRUM from Studio of Textile Design, Klára Spíšková and Ondřej Trnka, is interwoven by various drawing approaches, graphics, paintings – records, gestures, their imprints or radiation all in harmony with mutual response and different material platforms.

Ondřej has been engaged for a long time in automatic intuitive drawing and in creating existentially profiled spatial objects combining textile materials, concrete and silicone. Concrete objects are imaginary monuments to people suffering from burnout syndrome. Ondřej structurally continue to develop his intuitive drawing principles on metal plates or on some other materials, attractive and supportive for his art „record“. 

The exhibited artworks, with their drawing typology, follow the time of Ondřej`s adolescence when he was imitating the signatures of celebrities and then selling them to earn money for his first car – Škoda Favorit. He earned most of the money on signatures of pop music bands like Lunetic or VIP, and the ice-hockey players which won the Olympic games at Japanese Nagano. This signature graphomania is reflected in intuitive and automatically drawn artworks which has a character of kids chalk pavement drawings. The signatures of Mrs. Šebestová – the elementary school teacher, and piano teacher Mr. Hradecký appears on the paper. The ambassador – the little Teddy bear – and his never ending „brum“ brings a bit of Japan to the exposition.

Klára`s artwork is based on drawing, painting and graphics, she uses various materials, mainly paper and textile. She develops printing techniques, colouring, handmade or machine weaving, sometimes with the intention to connect the fine and applied arts. These basic paths are followed as well in Geometr studio which Klára established together with a textile designer Linda Kaplanová.

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