04. 10. 2015
05. 10. 2015

Roosmarijn Mascini & Nicola Kirkada: Sequel

video-screnning an presentation of project “Sequel#1”
by Roosmarijn Mascnini and Nicola Kirkady.
…their cooperation is based on similar interests in the field of ethics and social influences on the human race and how these are expressed differently. As the influence of marketing, commerce, government and following the beaten track.
Their installations, which they also call sets, play with absurdity and trivial appearance of the imagery world around us. In others words, what people take for granted and accept as common everyday ‘décor’.
Just as language can be seen as a principle applied to the human being, in which he or she is acting in a certain reality, one can also regard the visual language of a city in the same way. Presentation forms of culture in the form of, for example marketing, the occurrence of certain events and architecture are associated with social structures within a habitat.
For their project,Sequel#1, at Prám the visual language of Prague will be their starting point, reversing and allowing creation of new connections between localized reality, identity and social structures.( entry free )