01. 05. 2016 - 31. 05. 2016Rezident

Juliette Liautaud (FRA) & Helena Gouveia Monteiro (PRT)

EST is a collaboration between Juliette Liautaud & Helena Gouveia Monteiro
EST performs cine-concerts with various forms of audio-visual performances
EST draws its content from improvised music and experimental film
EST likes light electronics, found objects & found footage

EST made its first public appearence with «Poste Ariel» performance in the garden’s band stand at Villa Arson for the opening of the exhibition «Odyssée», in june 2015. The set contained a live concert as well as a film screening, with footage edited from super 8 mm and digital images of jellyfish; the ensemble was based out of Sylvia Plath’s poem «Insomniac».

In may 2016, EST is moving East for a residency at PRAM Studio in Prague. EST is planning on creating new instruments, editing a new short film, opening the studio for a day-long music session, and preparing a final concert with a film screening.

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