27. 06. 2018
29. 06. 2018

Joanne Pang (SG): Close by

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Joanne Pang: Close by
opening: 27/6/2018 at 7pm | exhibition 28 – 29/6/2018


Close By presents various visual prepositions as part of the residency stay in Studio Pram. I am inspired by encounters between man and environment and for this residency, how presence is created through absence. For instance, how my body reacts to the dry climate in Prague, the liminal state of an abandon urban site and language as textural disparities amongst people. I explore painting as a means to translate the relationship between body, site and materiality. I look for structure within flow and vice versa. In the process, I negotiate with motion, chance and surface to create an intuitive dialogue between energy and proximity. Through the interaction of ink, acrylic, graphite and wax, I explore the convergence between movement and stillness, dry and wet, as I create haptic durations on pre-coloured fabric. Force is materialised through different gestures of mediating line and form. Subsequently, the image becomes like a portal to enter or depart, displace or locate something or oneself.


Joanne Pang (b. 1986) is an artist and design lecturer based in Singapore. Her research explores relationships between body, memory and structure. She questions the relationship between man and nature—looking into the dialectics of memory, the poetics of things and being versus the materiality of time. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication at The School of Arts, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and a Masters of Fine Art at The Royal Danish Art Academy, in Copenhagen, Denmark.




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