01. 02. 2021
31. 01. 2021

Anka Helfert

Anka Helfert is the artist-in-residence for February and March at PRÁM Studio. Her residency stay is follwed by her solo exhibition in the begining of April.

Anka Helfert understands her practice as thinking through doing, a research on how we are dealing with what is material, and what is non-human. She is concerned with the distinction between nature and culture and looks for ways to root consciousness in the material world.

Material outcomes of her practice are uncannily present, alive and still. Their materiality tends to be hard to pin down and has a decidedly tactile quality. Working sculpturally, with drawing and with text, she likes to invent techniques and refining them, and is very fond of combining ancient and modern materials. Regardless of the dreary contemporary situation of late capitalism she focuses on the supremacy of animal over man and finds consolation in the indifference of the inorganic world.