01. 08. 2017
31. 08. 2017

Debasish Borah (IND)

Debasish is born in a sleepy town of Arunachal Pradesh, in North Eastern India, very close to the Indo-Chinese international border. He has lived in different parts of India for studies and work. After graduating with a masters degree in Architecture he choose to work in areas of cultural studies, heritage & history. His multi-disciplinary work moves around areas of art & design inspired from context driven local methods and process, manifesting in forms of visual & experiential narratives. He believes in the power of history to impact societies and seek inspirations from it for applications in areas of art & design.
His work in Pram Studio is a continuation of his engagement with borders & conflicts. He will primarily work on the case of hostility between India & Pakistan, using tools like “fabrication of history” to connect to a broader global framework of wars & conflict.