03. 09. 2019
31. 10. 2019

Hanna Råst (FIN)

Our third and last artist in residence in 2019 is Finnish visual artist Hanna Råst, which will be working and living in PRÁM Studio in September and October. Her exhibition is planned for October 22nd – 31st, 2019.

Hanna Råst (b. 1986 in Finland) is a visual artist based in Helsinki who uses photographic material as a base for her works. Her works of art vary from collage to video, small scale sculpture and text-based forms. Råst is interested in the margins of photographic material and how images expand over their commonplace limits. She questions what else photographs might be and how we interpret them. Photographs also have a strong link to memories. Råst uses this link by playing between fiction and reality, questioning the status of the photograph as a document of a particular event and representation of memories. In her works, the photographs are fragmented and leave only traces of themselves. They bind together our notions of experiences of seeing, looking and remembering. Råst aims at evoking questions about not only how we observe and remember things but also what kind of meaning photographs have in our lives and histories. In her works, something is almost ‘misplaced’ and this notion of absence makes us want to look again.

During her residency in PRÁM she focuses on what kind of shapes and forms photographic materials can take. Furthermore, She wants to ask where the photograph is in contemporary art practices. Through theoretical study and artistic practice, the working process addresses the changes in our critical and theoretical definition of photography.