Irena Armutidisová: CHARACTERS

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Irena Armutidisová: Characters in PRÁM Gallery. The opening is on Tuesday 2nd October from 7pm and the exhibition lasts till 21st October. Curator of the exhibition is Vitkor Čech.

Irena Armutidisová presents one of the proven positions of her sculpture work, a portrait relief. With this subject she tries to cope since finishing her studies in the Figural Sculpture Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her relief art works are built on the traditional artistic means of one of the oldest sculptural forms, surpassing the unexpected selection of contemporary materials, using its structure and unexpected colours. Her individual portraits bring stories and emotions of human models. The sculptress did not forget to bring to the exhibition her famous parabolas, whose actors are animals.


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