25. 09. 2018
30. 09. 2018


We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition of our Japanese resident Kaoru ナベ, which will show her work made throughout her artist in residence programme in PRÁM Studio.

opening: 25. 9. 2018 v 19:00 | exhibition: 26. – 30. 9. 2018

curator: Šárka Koudelová


Exhibition title Nový landscape could probably characterize general artist`s experience of any abroad artist in residence programme. In case of the Japanese artist Kaoru Nabe, this title is a real emotion, which brings us closer to her personal approach. Throughout her art practice, Kaoru remakes the surrounding environment into a „moving“ structure, with more or less real details flashing between them, which have been sharply written into the vague landscape of memory. Kaoru Nabe’s painting form is quite atypical in the expressively reductive context of contemporary painting, and the same non-typical one is the choice of inspirational motifs, which can be found in the paintings. In the surrealistic jigsaw diary record of one of the full-color paintings can be found everyday items from the studio, but also a wolf referring to one of the sculptures from the gallery, or even an inappropriately cute pig from a backup mug.

Partly fairy-tale and decorative tone of the wavy structures could be labelled as a result of a naivistic approach, but that would be a pity. The Vital Black series confirms a conscious connection with the heritage of the calligraphy ink painting and connects it with intuitive drawing in a refreshing way. Indeed, the whirling repetition of motifs even evokes the Czech phenomenon of medium drawings from the early 20th century, from the time of the fascination with occultism. Kaoru Nabe’s artwork sometimes really acts like a relic of a witch process, which is not defied by her demonic self-portrait or her statement that „I shut off my head and paint with my whole body“.

The new paintings of Kaoru Nabe feels like a „slag“, like a melted mixture, which get changed its shape and consistence throughout the process, but we could still recognize the „harder“ pieces. The slag, through which we can examine the fractal spirals of Kaoru Nabe’s personal reality.

text: Šárka Koudelová, 2018


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