01. 02. 2018
16. 02. 2018

Ladislav Železný a Adam Železný: TABULA RASA

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition of Ladislav Železný and Adam Železný: TABULA RASA.
opening: 01/02/2018 from 7 p.m.
exhibition: 02/02/2018-16/02/2018

Tabula rasa is a sound installation changing the material features of china into acoustic instrument. We are talking about a translucent sound image of china, an acoustic situation in space, natural resonator which shapes the sound and reacts to the space acoustics where it is located. The sound apparatus whose optic qualities – translucency, colour, and consistency reveal the hidden existence of sounds. It emits subtle impulses into the space whose frequency in harmony microtonally orbit the frequencies of china little boards. China is the medium through which we can listen but it does not record any sounds. In this way the instrument is beyond description and we are dealing with another mere listening experience entirely dependent on the specific conditions of the gallery and the movement of the recipient in the space.


*1979, Jindřichův Hradec /CZ/
based in Prague /CZ/


*1986, Jindřichův Hradec /CZ/
based in Prague /CZ/

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