Open call 22 / results


We have here the long-awaited Open Call results for 2022! First of all, we thank everyone who decided to participate, whether to the gallery open call  or  artist in residence open call. We recieved a total of 60 applications for aritst-in-residence open call and 35 exhibition projects have applied to the gallery open call. It was really difficult to choose and the results are as follows:


Gallery open call 2022

  • project Fluid Bodies – Zlata Ziborova, Zuzana Trachtová, Markéta Špundová, Viktorie Macánová
  • project Stone, scissors, paper, metal – Iva Krupicová and Pavel Šimíček

Artist-in-residence open call 2022

  • Pawel Olszczynski
  • Maryna Sakowska
  • Oleg & Kaska