PRAM Studio: Loose End

PRAM Studio is exhibiting in Prague House in Brussels. The exhibition Loose End is curated by Zuzana Krišková. Exhibiting artists are: Dominik Běhal, Veronika Durová, Martin Herold, Josefína Jonášová, Barbora Klaška, Pavlína Kvita, Roman Kvita, Jakub Roztočil, Magdalena Roztočilová, Adam Trbušek, Jakub Tytykalo and Adam Železný.

The opening of the exhibition is on 6 February 2019 at 7:30 pm and the exhibition is on till 2 April 2019. Reserve your visit via email: praguehouse@praha.eu.

The exhibition Loose End presents a selection of the work of the twelve artists, members of the Studio Prám. It is not a compact artistic group with a joint programme, thus the goal of the exhibition is not to demonstrate a coherent artistic viewpoint, but rather to present a diversity of expressions that may nevertheless intersect at certain points. The fact that the artists in question are physically present in a place of encounter and discussion influences their work and ways of thinking about it, perhaps even unconsciously. At first glance we can perceive visual links between each of them, including a realistic starting point and persistence in traditional artistic disciplines based on haptic work with the material. The knot in the name of the show represents the connection between the authors, which is determined by the place where their works were created. The artists that have come together at Prám happen to have a common language of expression based on working with the segments of reality that are close to them. This reality becomes the starting point for them, through which it transforms from an observed experience into an object of investigation. Each of them deals with different themes, but they symbolically come together in their experiences, at least in their more recent works that make up this exhibition. For us to be able to say with certainty that this is a result of their coexistence, we would have to follow their development over a longer period of time. On this basis we could test whether it is a mere coincidence or not. Their time in Prám is limited, so it is completely open as to how their personalities and methods of working will develop and whether we will still find similarities between them afterwards.

Text: Zuzana Krišková


Prague House in Brussels, Avenue Palmerston 16 1000 Brussels Belgium