PRAM Studio: Zero Empathy

PRAM Studio members exhibition at VnitroblockDudes & Barbies Gallery. We coridally invite you to the opening on Wednesday 22nd May at 7pm.

Studio PRÁM is located in the former laundry room in the periphery of Prague’s Vysočany district, which has undergone a complete reconstruction, similarly to VNITROBLOCK or Kavárna co hledá jméno, it has retained its original industrial atmospere. There is a multifunctional space with a gallery, a cultural hall and especially ateliers, which serve as a base for a group of 12 young graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts and UMPRUM, whose work moves between the poles of free and applied art. And thanks to the many similarities we are close to each other, so we decided to join forces… and another big show is being born!

The members named it “Zero Empathy” and approach it with ease and knowledge that VNITROBLOCK is not a traditional gallery but a multifunctional cultural center. That is why they have decided to resist a bit to the classic exhibition format and create a side-specific installation for our unique space. The selection and variety of exhibited artworks will be as varied as Vnitroblock itself, being expressed mostly in 3D, but also in paintings.