Pavlína Hlavsová: Landscape of Suburbia



We would like to invite you to a future event in PRAM. The heroine of the evening will be a permanent resident of PRAM Pavlínka Hlavsová. She will be presenting her thesis “LANDSCAPE Suburbia,” which completes her studies in the studio of Lukáš Rittstein at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her graduate thesis reflects the continual growth of suburbs leading to the loss of comprehensible town with its tightly given boundaries. “We find ourselves in a flood of something that is neither city nor countryside, let alone a living landscape”, the author explains. The work combines architectural motifs with metaphysical ideas and the author’s sensitive approach provides a new view of the neglected site. She has tested her discoveries by various processes of her inherent curiosity.


At the evening, the PRAM spaces will resound with the music of two bands from label Landmine Alert – KAPLAN BROS. (Cyril and Kryštof Kaplan) and MUTANTI HLEDAJ VÝCHODISKO (Jiří Konvalinka and Jan Vejražka). Additionally, a new music project SLADKOVOL of Jan Janovec and Inau, known for other musical groups crossing the boundaries of rap, punk and electro, will be introduced.



During the entire evening, our amazing bar will be operating. The food will be provided by the certified team of Kvita & Hlavsa. You can look forward to homemade hot dogs and vegan curry.