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Tineola Theater: Wood Wide Web

We cordially invite you to the teather performance by Tineola Theater called Wood Wide Web. The play is for little ones and adults also which are interested in nature and its mysterious communication. Actors by painting in motion connects a new media world with a forrest world. The play starts at 4pm on Wednesday December 18th.

A dreamy look into the nano world below the forest floor.

Little Suzanne’s discovery of the invisible world of tree roots and fungi comes alive through visual theatre, with live painting, shadow play and music.

After an incident in the woods, Suzanne becomes fascinated by colorful soil and tree roots that intertwine. Through 20 years of research, she proves that trees communicate through their roots.

The forest is a cooperative system. Not only can plants share sugar and water with each other; they actually recognize their relatives, and support them selectively and directly.

Mother trees are central to this system. They live in symbiosis with the mushrooms, who act as their postmen, warehouse workers, and miners. They work together to maintain balance in forest. If we understand their social system—remarkably reminiscent of our internet—we can take better care of our forests.

This performance is intended to stimulate discussions between children and their families and schools. We found inspiration in a book by Peter Wohlleben—and in Suzanne Simard’s work.